Monday, February 6, 2012


So, obviously it's been a long time since I've posted on this years in fact.  But recently, my family has undergone a HUGE change in eating style, lifestyle, diet, what-have-you.  We have gone VEGAN.  (I know what you are thinking....VEGAN?  This from a woman whose recipe blog includes a post entitled "Go Meat!"???  Yes, truly, me...a vegan.  No joke!  I suppose I owe you an explanation, and I will go into more details about our decision to change our lifestyle later.)  But for now, my first vegan recipe related post...
This has nothing to do with the recipe or this blog post, but what's a blog post without a picture?   I will add a picture of the recipe when I make it again, or when I get permission from the original author to repost her fabulous picture.  For now, enjoy this picture of a grouping of bell peppers that I painted for a friend.  :-)

In my veggie-quest, I have browsed hundreds of vegan and vegetarian dedicated blogs and websites in search of exciting new recipes that I think my family might enjoy.  Some recipes have been winners and others...well, not so much.  I found a recipe that my entire family enjoyed (well, most of the family anyway - my youngest is anti-bean or anything that even remotely resembles a bean), and I posted a comment on the blog to let the author know how much we enjoyed it.  Somehow she found me on this blog and posted a comment here for me to find since I didn't leave an email address.  To say I was embarrassed about the staleness of my blog is an understatement - forgive me, Heather!  Afterwards, I was encouraged by a friend to take the old blog and make it new to match my new cooking style, and thus this blog has been given new life.  Kind of like the way our eating habits have been given new life.   The recipe we enjoyed so much was found via Pinterest.  From it I was lead to Heather's wonderful blog, The Lovely Cupboard, and her recipe for Lentil Tostadas.  I love Heather's style on this recipe post.  The chalkboard list and pic of ingredients is beyond awesome.  And her photography of the finished product is divine!  Almost as divine as the taste of the recipe itself.  Almost.  Enjoy!

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